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9 Best and Cutest Boba Plush for Boba Lovers 2023

Feb 23, 2023

Discover an incredible selection of nine boba-themed plush toys, perfect for devoted bubble tea enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this perfect boba shop!

From traditional boba plush, keychains, ice cream boba plush, to the new-styled kawaii Shiba Inu boba plush and the absolutely Cutest boba piggy, you can surely find something that will make your boba cravings dissipate - it also makes a great present for someone you know who loves bubble tea. Let us explore this list!


1) Boba Piggy Plush Adorable Fluffy Pig Stuffed Animal

The cutest boba plush has finally materialized, an exquisitely crafted Kawaii plush of premium-quality, cuddly fabric. Its vibrant colors, fluffy exterior, and squishy design are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Bring this delightful Boba Plush Piggy into your abode and your collection is sure to be enhanced. Don't miss your chance - get a set today! Pink bunny, green frog, yellow tiger, white unicorn.


2) Shiba Inu Boba Bubble Tea Stuffed Animal Plush

Transform your love for boba tea into an intimate companion with this whimsical Boba Plush Shiba Inu! Soft and scintillating, this cuddly plush is complete with a shiba inu puppy design and vivid details that create a feeling of kawaii. An elegant gift for any boba tea enthusiast, its plush and huggable material combined with its charming aesthetic make it an ideal companion for any day of leisure. With 3 different sizes and 3 colors to choose from, this plush will dazzle and delight. Yellow for tiger, pink for rabbit, black & white for panda - this shiba inu holding a boba tea cup is simply irresistible!

Boba Stuffed Animal Shiba InuBoba Stuffed Animal Shiba InuBoba Stuffed Animal Shiba InuShiba Inu Boba plush Stuffed Animalshiba inu boba plush stuffed animal


3) Squishmallow Boba Plush Whipped Cream

This new boba whipped cream plush design is an innovation. Its bubble tea-inspired appeal renders it ultra-huggable and silkily smooth, the perfect size for amicable embraces and stimulating play. This squishmallow boba plush is more firm than its classic counterpart, although it offers fewer color options; however, its overall design triumphs over the classic boba plush. An indulgent addition to any collection, this luxurious and aesthetically pleasing boba plush will bring joy and comfort to your cuddles and adventures.


Squishmallow Boba PlushSquishmallow Boba PlushSquishmallow Boba Plush



4) Boba Plush Cute Soft Bubble Tea Stuffed Animal Toy - Most Loved Boba Tea Plush

This cute boba plush, made from smooth and cozy fabrics, is the perfect accessory for those who love Boba themed stuffy. Vivid colors and a delightfully squishy design come together to create an alluring Classic Boba Plush, sure to bring a smile to your face and become a treasured part of your collection. Don't miss out - choose from four sizes (25cm, 30cm, 50cm, 70cm) and a selection of colors. The 50cm and 70cm sizes can double as a sofa cushion or pillow. Enjoy the most-loved Boba Plushie.

 Boba Plush 70 cm huge sizeboba plush 30cm purpleboba plush medium size greenboba plush 50cm large sizeBoba plush size chart



5) Squishmallow Keychain Boba Cup Shape:

These sophisticated, beautiful milk tea cup-shaped squishmallow keychains are a must-have for the luxury lifestyle. Universally applicable to most car key fobs and keyless entries, they organize motorcycle, office, and home keys, while adding an eye-catching and adorable touch to any bag, backpack, car, door, or window. A perfect balance of fashion and function, these keychains add a touch of sophistication and charm to your every day. They bring a sense of luxury to even the most mundane tasks, as you unlock style with each key held.


6) Boba Tea Plush Pillow Strawberry Bunny and Teddy Bear

Introducing the exquisite Strawberry Pink Bunny Boba Plush Pillow, a luxurious design boasting an unmistakable boba texture. This plush pillow offers more than a mere endearing aesthetic, it also provides an indulgently tactile experience. Spectacularly soft and spongy filling elicits an unparalleled sensation that sets this product apart from all others. Recline in deluxe comfort by snuggling up with the bunny boba plush pillow on your bed or couch! Expertly crafted, this plushie will certainly add personality to your decor, delivering an unsurpassed comfort unlike any other.

 Boba stuffed Animal Bear and RabbitBoba stuffed Animal Bear and RabbitBoba stuffed Animal Bear and RabbitBoba stuffed Animal Bear and Rabbit


7) Gigantic Adorable Doll Squishy mallow Boba Plush

This plush boba doll, with its beguiling and one-of-a-kind design, is sure to bring joy to all, its sumptuous softness and captivating mien making it an ideal confidante for anyone craving its affection. Its allure is undeniable. Its soul-soothing presence will bring comfort and delight, its resilient yet delicate build designed to provide lasting affection. Bring home a part of unique boba culture and enjoy a friend to brighten up your days.

Bernice Squishmallow Adorable Boba PlushBernice Squishmallow Adorable Boba PlushBernice SquishmallowBernice Squishmallow


8) Kawaii Stuffed Animal Panda Boba Tea Plush

You can now snuggle up close to your beloved beverage with this Panda Boba Plush. Crafted with incredible precision, this plush looks remarkably like a cup of Boba Tea - complete with the signature panda face and classic boba balls inside the cup. A delightful present for any Boba Tea enthusiast, this plush is guaranteed to bring joy to whoever receives it - and if it's not already obvious, the plush looks even cuter in person!

Kawaii Stuffed Animal Panda Boba Tea PlushKawaii Stuffed AnimalKawaii Stuffed AnimalKawaii Stuffed AnimalKawaii Stuffed Animal Panda Boba Tea Plush


9) Sweet Love Bubble Tea Plush Pillow

This latest sweet love series plush designs bring innovation to bubble tea-inspired plushies. Compared to conventional boba plush, ours are ultra firm, with four sizes available: 25cm, 35cm, 50cm and a spectacularly colossal 70cm—allowing each to capture their own unique design. Despite the variety, there are only 3 colors to choose from: pink peach, green watermelon and blue blackcurrant. Because of its rarity, these plushies are only available at select merchants.

Sweet Love Series Boba PlushGiant Boba PlushGiant Boba PlushGiant Boba PlushSweet Love Series Boba Plush




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