Why Franchise with Shake Tea? Shaketea has developed a franchise program that focuses on the success of our clients. With the same attention to detail that went into creating the best menu, the opportunity for Shaketea’s Franchise was created after a long period of managing successful cafes. Now, with a proven model, Shaketea’s has developed a process and program to replicate that success by joining our amazing family. We have built a strong local business presence focused on community, product and profit.

Franchise in the Market

Easy to Operate

We provide the easiest way of running the business which we gained in 10+ years. Furthermore, we will provide a series of training programs as well as ongoing counseling services to assist you in starting your own bubble tea business with full support from ShakeTea main shop

Diverse Menu

Our drinks are made with excellent ingredients and use only high-quality tea leaves to produce the most delicious tea. We check constantly to ensure consistency in our drinks. Our team is passionate about making drinks, and we know the difference that a good cup of tea can bring to your customers.

Diverse Menu

Shake Tea offers the most unique and delicious teas and toppings available in the industry. Shake Tea keeps bringing new flavors to the market, which appeals to a younger demographic as well as a loyal customers.

Process Of Franchise On Shake Tea?


The first step in our process and most important of all. In this first interview we will get to know you, give you a franchise framework, a brief history of the franchise and bring you to where we are today. We will talk about your goals and timeline.


Next, we will take the time to learn more about your investment by making the first revision of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This informative document sets out the plans, rules, and regulations that allow a good spending plan to operate as a single entity and thus protect the Shaketea brand.

Follow Up

Once you have reviewed the entire FDD, we will follow up to help you answer any questions you may have and make sure you understand the importance of the document in creating the continuation of the entire Shaketea Franchise program. We will also outline the remaining steps of the remaining process.

Planning Work

As you continue to do your best, we will connect to check out the progress and see how your vision develops! At this stage, you should be working on your plans for what Shaketea's business will look like! We will talk about the plan and start talking about the final steps and set deadlines and goals for completing the process.

Final Steps

Congratulations! If you have succeeded so far, and you want to take the final steps, decide that you want to beShaketea's Coffee franchisee! Here, we will gather the final information, including your final business plan, to help us make our decision to reward you with a franchisee.

Day and Signing

This is - game day! After a fun day of Acquisition and exploring Shaketea's culture, the Executive Team will conduct a final interview. If approved, we will fulfill the agreement together to make you our new and official owner of Shaketea's Franchise!

We offer several assistance for growing your business


From PR to Social Media, we do it all. We guide the development of advertising materials and strategies, new product campaigns, and building materials. All you have to worry about is welcoming your customers and making their teaser experiences special!

Setup Guidance

Are you new to the business world? No fear! We provide ongoing training in areas such as unit operations, maintenance, customer service techniques, product ordering, staff management, pricing guidelines, and other administrative procedures, among others.


Are you worried about the growth of your business? No Fear!! Our highly talented team continuously tries out new research methods and techniques that will help your business grow through different marketing and business development tactics and technologies.

Extra Benefits of Choosing Us

We can supply additional product lines at wholesale prices (besides bubble drinks) to assist growing your sales, to achieve your profibility.