3D Wooden Puzzles

3D Wood Puzzles are made of high-quality materials and first-class laser-cutting technology. The design is novel and unique, which distinguishes it from other wooden puzzles 3D toys. There are detailed instructions in the packing box, easy to understand, and ensure an easy and smooth assembly process.

Original Design, Laser-cut Technology: Unique 3D Puzzle, Laser-cut ply wood material, no toxic, environmental friendly, smooth wooden board. All whimsy pieces are pre-cut, no glue needed.

Self Propelled Wooden Puzzle: High quality model kits which need your patience to assemble it.  The English instruction has detailed steps and fairly easy pictures.  

Enjoy Fun — The wood craft kit is suitable for both adults and kids aged 8+. It’s a great art project for parents and children to finish together.


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